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Spindle Grinding Can Save You Money

  • Presenting a mobile grinding service dedicated primarily to grinding spindles in your plant.
  • Spin a tool? Wear a taper? Is runout a problem?
  • Do you tolerate excessive runout because it takes too long to disassemble, grind and reassemble the spindle?
  • We can bring grinding equipment to your location and grind your tapers back to specifications.
  • Grinding on the machine without removal gets your equipment back into production with minimum downtime.
  • We grind tapers in the spindle while the spindle is installed, preloaded and running on the bearings that are used in production.
  • This precludes removal of the spindle assembly.
  • The "steady test" provided by the installed spindle is the best place to grind tapers to be concentric with the bearings.
  • The net results are less downtime, less runout and a permanent repair without teardown.
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